Monday, June 30, 2003

Good news! I got the results of the first test, the one I thought I screwed up, and I got a 75 in the test itself and an 81 as the course's final grade. That's excellent, considering the fact that I didn't finish one of the four questions in the test. All the other tests went well, and although I don't have their grades yet I think they'll all be higher than this one. I need as good an average as possible to get into a masters (graduate) program. This is only my first year of three, but every grade counts.

Yesterday's test went well. The first question was excellent, and the second one was so-so, but the professor wasn't present at the test, contrary to university regulations, so maybe he'll be lighter on us when grading and he'll have the good impression left over from the first question, where I wrote 3 pages as opposed to just one in the second.

By the way, it was my parents' 32nd anniversary last Friday. I didn't get them anything (bad bad son) but we had a mini-party, and we made whipped cream and put it on a cake we bought, and added chocolate chips. Sounds like something 10 year olds would do, I know, but we're all over 20, all college students (my sisters are graduate students even) - but we have a good excuse. We didn't have much time because of tests.

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