Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Well, I told Naomi what's bothering me - the fact that I feel like she asks me for favors way too much. I mean, some favors are okay, but she asks for the irritating type (see Nov 2 post). So she said she's sorry I feel that way, and I hope she'll be less of a pest now. She sounded a bit insulted but I think she knows I'm right. If she decides she doesn't want to be good friends like before that's fine with me. If she still wants to be good friends without the nagging part that's okay too (though I doubt the nagging will end here).

There's this other friend of mine I'm interested in, but I have a feeling it might take a while till this goes anywhere, since she's not a very close friend and I don't have too many chances to be just with her. But I'm not all determined about her - if someone else comes along the way that would be good too (not that I'm a Don Juan).

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Yesterday I attended a family gathering at my uncle's house. The occasion was the birth of his two granddaughters a few weeks ago (each from a different daughter). It was a nice party, though my weird step-cousin urged me to get a girlfriend and knock her up, which was pretty odd. Another cousin and I were talking to her and she said her husband claims she isn't "active enough on the way to getting pregnant" - and I said "stop! I don't want to hear this!" She thought I was shy about sex, but that wasn't it at all, and my other cousin found it funny because he understood what I was talking about - my step-cousin and her husband are big fat slobs. But instead of insulting her I preferred to just let her think I'm a puritan.

The babies are beautiful. Another cousin of mine brought his 4-month old son, who looks like he's on steroids and reminded me a bit of Jay Leno. At least he has beautiful blue eyes.

Naomi continues to be a pest. Today she wanted me to go get her key duplicated because her roommate doesn't have a key and he has to go somewhere so she gave him her key. He said he'd leave it with the neighbors but she wanted me to duplicate it so they'd both have a key. I said no. It's something either she or her roommate should do, not me. And now she called me because the neighbors who have the key aren't home and she asked me what to do - I just said wait a bit more. They'll probably show up sometime. I'm not responsible for her not being organized.