Wednesday, July 02, 2003

It's July, my favorite month of the year. For one thing, it's the beginning of summer, and near the end of it awaits my birthday. This year I'll be in the United States on my b-day. It should be quite an experience (though I've already had a few birthdays there).

I was at my cousin's son's briss today. I came in before the rest of my family and the first thing my aunt did was volunteer me to be the video-cameraman. So I filmed the guests coming in, but I didn't film the briss ceremony itself (who'd want to watch that again?). I ended up filming a total of six minutes only, but hey, I was nice enough to stand there with the camera. People who don't know me might have thought I was a hired cameraman.

I forgot to write this in the blog before - I had a nest on the ledge of my window, and a pigeon layed two eggs there. They've been there for about a week. This morning I saw that one egg was missing, then a few hours later the second egg was missing too, but there were no chicks. I went to the back yard to see if the eggs fell there and there's no trace of them. So this is a mystery - no broken eggs downstairs, no eggs at all, and no chicks. And the pigeon stopped coming. All that is left is an irritating ugly nest.

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