Monday, June 23, 2003

I had the second test today. Unlike the first one, this time it went very well. It was a semiotics test, which is a field somewhere between linguistics and communications, but closer to the latter. By the way, communication is my minor (academics here are different from the States - most Israeli students study just one subject without minors, but sometimes combinations can be made in social sciences, so I study political science with a minor in communication).

There was a test in another course called "Uses of the Internet in Political Science" today, but because I have two tests scheduled for the same day I'll take the test in July instead. I heard from a friend of mine that one of the questions was "What is a blog?" - I don't know what other questions there were, but if they were as easy as this one I could have gone straight from the semiotics test to the internet test. I know how to answer the blog question even without studying for the test as a blog-owner myself, though not a world renowned blog like Salam Pax of Baghdad or Dave Barry (who, well, didn't exactly get his fame from the blog, but vice-versa).

It's exactly one month before I leave for the US. I'll be there two weeks (too short) after I haven't been there 3 years (too long). I'll be in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Vermont, and among other things I'll attend my cousin's wedding. It should be interesting to see if American weddings are like they look in the movies. One thing is certain, it'll be totally different from Israeli weddings. I have to wear a suit - which I don't do in Israeli weddings.

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