Thursday, June 12, 2003

I had a good time at the party. I danced a lot. I have a feeling I dance like a stiff, but that's better than sitting like a stiff. It was fun. Two guys who never met Naomi hit on her. Apparently she has that effect on a lot of guys, not just me. I still feel silly for grossly misinterpretting her (either that, or she was just practicing on me, thinking I wouldn't have the guts to ask her out, so she can later more effectively hit on somebody she really is interested in - which is probably her roommate). Anyway, we're planning to study together, part of the time just the two of us and some of the time with a third friend of ours, fake-named Daniel. Again, it's all platonic. Even if I were interested in her (and I'm not) I wouldn't stand a chance. I didn't realize until yesterday that a lot of guys are interested in her. I guess I didn't realize that since I never was interested in her myself before what I described to you in a previous post.

Anat liked the present we got her and the present I helped Naomi pick. She didn't notice the odd wrapping. Nice party. Lots of people came. Came home at 2 am. At least this morning I started classes only at 12, so I had a good night's sleep. Today was the last day of the semester. Now finals start.

Oh, and I got my new US passport in the mail today (I'm a dual citizen of Israel and the United States of America), so now the road is set for a trip to the States this summer.

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