Saturday, June 21, 2003

I got a phone call from someone who studies with me. She wanted to work on a home-test with me, but I didn't want to. I have a feeling she's not too uptodate about the course, and I'd do all the work, and she'd just put her name on it.

I also have this odd feeling about her... She keeps striking up conversations with me despite the fact that we aren't friends. I know I've been wrong recently about stuff like this, but this time I really do hope I'm wrong about her being interested in me. She looks like she's about 30 (I'll be 21 next month). She isn't attractive, doesn't seem too intelligent either.

Anyway, my next test is in two days, then there's another test 3 days later which I'm going to study for with Naomi. Last time we studied in her apartment. Now we'll study in my house. It'll be the first time she gets to a part of the city that's not in close proximity to the university. How rediculous is it to live in a city a whole year and not see anything of it outside a certain area? For some reason they put the University in the crappiest part of town (probably to make the neighborhood better, but it didn't really work), so most students who aren't from this city think it's all the same crap. So, I've decided it's my personal mission, as a local, to bring as many friends of mine to my part of the city to show them that this city isn't a hell-hole like its stereotype.

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