Monday, November 06, 2006

Predicting Tomorrow's Results

I hope Democrats win big in tomorrow's congressional elections, but I don't expect them to win the Senate. Here are some of my predictions, just for the heck of it. Only the next few days will tell how far off I am.

The Senate: 52 Republicans, 48 Democrats (including the Democratic-leaning independent from Vermont).

The following Republicans will hold on to their seats: Conrad Burns of Montana, Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island and George Allan of Virginia. The "democratically Independent" Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Democrat Robert Menendez of New Jersey will be re-elected as well. Republican Bob Corker will also win in Tennessee.

Senator James Talent will lose to Democrat Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Mike DeWine of Ohio and Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania will also lose to Democrats.

The House: 226 Democrats, 209 Republicans.

Democrat Tammy Duckworth will take over Henry Hyde's old district in Illinois. Mark Foley's Florida district will also go to the Democrats. Christopher Shays of Connecticut will lose his seat.

Governors: 29 Democrats, 21 Republicans.

PS: I know nobody cares what my predictions are, this is mainly for my own use.

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