Thursday, January 15, 2004

It's late and I don't feel like going to sleep. My last post about the fact that I have enough details here to be identified made me wonder if there's a chance that could happen. So I decided to look for blogs written by people from my university and see if I can identify who it is.

I found one blog that attempts to remain anonymous, but even though I don't know him that well I know for certain who he is. He's one of the new memebers of the student council and studies with me in my department. I'm not so sure he really tries that hard to remain anonymous since he has tons of information that people like me, who aren't even his friends, can identify (among other things he writes a blog in English under his real name that includes some of the things he mentions in his Hebrew blog).

So I read quite a bit of his blog, and now I feel guilty. It's the first time I've read a blog written by someone I know who supposedly doesn't want to be identified. I feel as if I've invaded his privacy. I almost feel like sending him my own blog, not telling him who I am, but at the risk of being identified by him. However, I don't think he knows me well enough to understand who I am from what I wrote here (if I'd mention another thing we have in common he might understand who I am - though I'm not that sure he'd understand which people I talk about throughout the blog - Dana, Naomi, Anat etc).

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