Saturday, January 31, 2004

I shouldn't be up at this late hour during finals. I promise to go to sleep right after I write this!

Israel has been an irritating place the last few days (well, even more than usual), because of the two national tragedies that happened on Thursday - the terrorist attack in Jerusalem and the swap with Hizbullah. The swap is a tragedy not just because the three soldiers were confirmed dead - they were declared dead in 2001 already, about a year after they were abducted, and also, our soldiers die almost every day, and that's tragic, but not more than usual. The tragedy is the fact that this was a deal that I think will endanger all Israelis. I'm sick of Sharon. He hasn't made any real moves with the Palestinians and he has all kinds of criminal charges that might be brought against him, so he made this terrible deal to get the spotlight off of his wrongdoings. The saddest thing is that there's nobody that would really be much better than him, not on the left and not on the right. There are two people, though, that I'm sure would be even worse than Sharon - Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz.

I have a feeling Tenenabaum told Hizbullah all the secrets he knows. Otherwise, he wouldn't look so good. The guy looks better fed than before he was captured! I'm sure Hizbullah tortured him at first, then he squealed, and then they figured they had all the info he knows and decided to look humane, so by the time he was released he recovered from the tortures and even became a bit chubby.

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