Monday, January 26, 2004

Finals are here again. I had my first test yesterday and it didn't go too great, but neither was it awful. I have a feeling it is possible I got anywhere between 60 to 85, hopefully closer to the latter. My next test is on Sunday - but even though I have a whole week without tests, I have 3 tests next week, so I have to study for all 3 this week and finish a paper for one of my classes.

The deal with Hizbullah is horrible. We're giving them more than 400 Palestinian prisoners and a few Arab prisoners from other nationalities, and we're getting one Israeli citizen who was captured by Hizbullah while he was trading in something that was probably illegal, like arms or drugs, and the bodies of three soldiers abducted more that 3 years ago. We're giving Hassan Nassrallah too much. We're making him the Arab world's most successful leader at a time when Hizbullah is losing its power (and we're giving it back to them). We should not have even negotiated with this terrorist organization - we should have negotiated with Lebanon or Syria.

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