Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Pedophile in Kindergarten

This week we discovered that my nephew's male kindergarten teacher is probably a pedophile. In this kindergarten, the two teachers are a husband and wife. They have this thing where a kid that misbehaves is taken by the husband to a sort of "isolation" in the library room for a few minutes while the wife stays with the other children (that's weird in and of itself - it's an odd punishment). One 4 year old girl complained to her parents that he showed her his penis while they were in the library. The parents decided to remove their daughter from the kindergarten. The teachers called a meeting with the parents, and most parents decided to support them and keep their kids there.

Lately, my nephew has been rejecting my father and me, preferring to be with mostly women. Also, other signs have made my sister worry that he might have been molested. He doesn't seem upset - he looks very happy, but maybe something small happened that bothered him a bit but wasn't very traumatic. So my sister wisely decided to stop taking him to that kindergarten before anything more serious happens.

If the guy did anything to my nephew, and I suspect he probably did, I feel like waiting for him in a dark alley with a baseball bat. It's too bad nobody has gone to the police - a pedophile should not work with children. His wife pisses me off as well, since she seems to be turning a blind eye to this.

It's good my nephew is out of there. I hope he hasn't been too traumatized. The last two days he hasn't been rejecting me, so that's a good sign.

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