Sunday, June 06, 2004

Happy birthday to my blog!

One year ago, I started this blog to rant about my love-life (or lack thereof). That was back when I was hung up on Naomi, who I bearly speak to now, mostly just "hi how are you" when we pass by each other. Now I'm hung up on someone else who has a boyfriend and looking for someone available to get hung up on instead.

So, some statistics about the first 12 months of my blog (not including June 2004):

This is my 85th post. I posted an average of a bit under 7 posts per month. The month where I was most active was June 2003 (12 posts), followed by January 2004 (11 posts). I posted only twice each month during September, November and December 2003.

Anyway, today isn't just this blog's first anniversary. These are historical times, but I'll post a seperate post for each reason it's a historical day. That way, every person can comment about only what he wishes to comment (hey, a guy can dream that he has any readers), and besides, it's a way to raise the number of posts I have, I admit... :)

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