Monday, July 21, 2003

Things did not go as planned. Naomi had a test today so she called me from the university and told me to come see her. By the time I came she was with 3 other friends. We all went to a restaurant together and we didn't have any privacy, and we couldn't talk about the trip to Italy, because she doesn't want our friends to know about it. Later, she called me and I told her I had a good time, but I was sorry we didn't have time alone. She sounded surprised. I said, "You know, good friends can want to be alone too." So she said "Yes, but it sounds more like a boyfriend and girlfriend." Then she added "Or two people who are going abroad together." That confused me. But I couldn't talk to her more about it, because I was watching my nephew, and at that point she also heard him in the background so she said she'll let me watch him and that we'll talk later.

While I was still watching my nephew I sent her an SMS saying I hope I didn't startle her by saying that I wanted the two of us to be alone. She replied by saying that it was totally okay, because we already discussed this a while back. I assume she meant the time she told me she doesn't date classmates (see June 6). I SMS'd back that she just sounded surprised, and that's why I wrote that last message. I didn't get a reply to that. I later wrote her another SMS, kind of an ice-breaker, about my nephew wanting to put lipstick on me (on my hand, so my hand would kiss some piece of paper). I still haven't talked to her since.

I'll call her tomorrow. I think we better discuss what she wants to do in Italy. Today she said she wants us to meet guys and girls in Italy, and "worst case scenario we'll have each other" (and no - not that kind of have, the word she used in Hebrew doesn't have that meaning). So I said "that's the worst case scenario?" And she said "Well, not the worst, somwhere in the middle." So this doesn't sound promising. I think I've jumped the gun on this one again. The same mistake twice with the same girl - how stupid of me.

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