Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Good news. I got 85 and 93 in the the second and third tests. Those are excellent grades. Today I had a test that everybody said was unfair - it was multiple-choice, with questions about all kinds of petty points. I hope it will turn out okay, since the make-up test is just hours before I have to leave for the airport. Hopefully, it'll be fine. I gotta be optimistic.

I'm worried about Naomi. It seems she has some problems at home. I don't know what it is, she isn't willing to tell me at this point. She has to stay at home to take care of something. I have a feeling it's something really bad, maybe a terminally ill family member or something like that. She is very pessimistic and sounds a bit depressed. She says talking to me on the phone makes her feel better. Maybe she'll trust me enough sometime to tell me what's going on.

It's sad that those two 29-year-old Iranian siamese twins died after the operation to seperate them.

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