Thursday, July 17, 2003

Today there was a surprising twist in the Naomi plot. She called me and said that because of her birthday and because of all of what she did to help her family with their problem (which isn't over and isn't getting better, and I don't even know what it is yet), her parents are giving her a trip to Italy as a present. She asked me if I want to come with her, just the two of us. She said that we trust each other, so that's why she wants to go with me.

So now I'm confused. Are we going as platonic friends or as something more? I need to make that clear next time I see her.

She joked about each of us finding an Italian there. Then she said, "actually you already have an Italian" - since she's half Italian I assume she referred to herself. She also joked about me bringing her a cute American from my trip to the States. Maybe I should have said "you already have an American", since I'm half American myself.

She wants to go in September. We haven't talked about details yet. I'm curious how many bedrooms she'll want... Next week I'll make sure to meet her before I leave for the States. If I don't get things clear about where our relationship stands it'll drive me crazy during my trip.

Besides, it won't hurt to be able to say to my American friends and family, "after this trip, I'm going to Italy with my girlfriend".

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