Thursday, October 02, 2003

Today I realized one of the reasons why I had such a good time in Italy, after my sister told me she just realized what bothered her about the trip - she said Rachel kept flirting with me constantly. I guess I noticed it, but I wasn't sure she really was flirting. But I did know, deep down, that it was indeed flirting.

A whole week with a very attractive woman hitting on me. Not bad at all. Very good for my ego. Who knows what would have happened if my sister wasn't with us. But I'm glad she was, since getting involved with Rachel - a single mother who lives on the other side of the ocean, and who is five years older than me - isn't such a good idea. I am a man after all, and I'd certainly be tempted to think with my penis rather than with my brain, if such an opportunity would have occured. And she's too good a friend, and from too religious a background, for a one-night stand with her.

I gotta admit though, my sister made my day when she said Rachel was flirting...

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