Sunday, October 26, 2003

School started with a weird strike. The national student union, headed by my university's former head of the student association, declared a strike in all universities and colleges, except for Tel-Aviv University and a few small area colleges. My university was officially one of those where the students were striking, but a group of "dissidents" (a rival student organization that opposes the current student association as well as the national student union, because of a long story that goes all the way to a Knesset member who used to be chairwoman of both our university's and the national student organizations), a few hundred out of all the 16,700 students, according to the media, broke the strike and went to classes. Some classes took place as scheduled, some were conducted just partially and some were cancelled.

Anyway, I didn't go to the university. I was supposed to have two classes today - in one only a quarter of the students came so there was only half a lesson that was mostly just an introduction, and one was completely cancelled.

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