Tuesday, October 14, 2003

My nephew had his first haircut yesterday. My sister had already cut his hair a few times, but this was his first trip to the barber. He wanted me to come see him getting the haircut, but he was scared of it. At first he was hysterical, then we explained to him that it's just like his mother does, but better. My sister was worried that he'd become hysterical if they'd sprinkle his hair to make it wet, so she wet his hair from the sink herself. So he sat on her lap, but kept asking if it's over and making sure the barber won't use the hair dryer, which scares him. He seemed nervous even after it was over. It was pretty traumatic, but hopefully next time will be better.

Normal kids are also nervous the first time their hair is cut, but I think they get over it after the deed is done. But for an autistic kid like my nephew, even as advanced as he is, the fact that a stranger cuts his hair in a room full of other strangers is very scary, and it's a trauma for them. But once it becomes routine, maybe he won't have a problem with it.

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