Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gay Pride in Jerusalem

At first, when I heard a gay pride parade would take place in Jerusalem I thought it's just a senseless provocation. Though I totally support gay rights and am not religious, I could understand why religious Jews, Christians and Muslims would be offended by homosexuals marching through the streets of Jerusalem, a city they consider holy. But then I changed my mind. Jerusalem isn't just a holy city, it is Israel's capital. As such, every citizen has a right to march in it for his rights. The parade should stay away from holy sites to avoid unnecessary provocation and religious insult, but just as religious people's rights and feelings should be protected, gay people's rights and feelings should be equally protected.

Israel should be proud that its capital will host the World Pride Parade next month, only the second to take place (the first one was in Rome in 2000 - another holy city/capital). I'd say our leaders should attend, though I know they won't. But then again, maybe Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Lesbian daughter will talk him into it...

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  1. Tel-Aviv is Israel's capitol. Protect the sanctity of the holy city from the sinners!