Tuesday, April 27, 2004

It's Independence Day now! Happy 56th birthday Israel! I'm home, not going out to party or anything. Earlier today Dana called to tell me something about the paper we have to do. Too bad I didn't ask her whether she's in the city or at home. If she's here I could have asked her where she's going and joined her. Maybe. Anyway, bygones.

I had a dream the other night. I was with my family playing with the new baby and my nephew was alone in the corner. I noticed this and went over to him and stayed with him in the corner, while everyone else stayed with the baby. Odd. I could understand if he had that dream. Kids get worried before their siblings are born. But why am I getting worried for him. I mean, I never thought he'll be neglected when his sister is born. Do I subconciously think that he'll suddenly get lonely, because everyone will prefer to be with his (hopefully) healthy baby sister rather than with him? He's a cute kid, but he still has a lot of autistic quirks, despite the fact that he's in such great shape that others can't even tell he's autistic.

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