Monday, April 12, 2004

Well, my two weeks of vacation are up, and I still haven't finished the two papers I had to prepare. One is due tomorrow afternoon, the other is due on Wednesday. At least they aren't anything complicated.

My sister is pregnant with a baby girl. That's great, because there's less of a chance for girls to be autistic, so hopefully, we'll have a normal kid this time. I just noticed I wrote "we". I'm not one of the parents, just the uncle, yet I write "we". How odd. My mother was told by a psychologist friend of hers that the way she talks about her grandson and her commitment to her family is typical of holocaust survivors. This was very surprising to me. My mother was born a refugee during World War II - she isn't what you'd typically call a holocaust survivor. And I, who also speak in a similar way, am in no way a holocaust survivor. Maybe it's true about my mother, and because I live at home I'm stuck deep inside my sister's and nephew's lives. They don't live with us, but they're just 10 minutes away and visit often. Maybe it's an overdose.

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