Monday, August 16, 2010

Keyword Mystery: Who Googles Amish Sperm

What do you get when you mix together a post about autism among the Amish and a post comparing two TV shows, which includes a reference to sperm donation? The result is that people who search for "Amish sperm donation" find my blog on Google. I first noticed this oddity three years ago, though back then it was a one-time thing. Lately, I've been getting hits from people searching for variants of the Amish+sperm combination almost every week. Why the hell are people regularly searching for this? Is there something I'm missing? A new documentary about Amish mating habits or fertility? Is the Amish population shrinking? What's going on here?!?

Please, if you got to this post while looking for ways to donate sperm to the Amish (or to receive a donation from them), leave a comment and explain yourself.


  1. Lol, i live not far, maybe two to three hours from some Amish communities in pennsylvania in the united states and have heard of this. Story is that the Amish are a dwindling community and not many new males, therefore there is a lot of interbreeding going on. In order to keep fresh and unmutated genes, as well as conitue the viability of their way of life, the Amish are asking male outsiders to come to their community and impregnate their women without any backlash in the form of childsupport or any legalities. They just want outside men, in good health, to come have sex with their women and get them pregnant. Now you know that most heterosexual males are constantly on the prowl looking to get laid. So yes, there is talk about guys that have gone to the Amish and did the dirty with their women and that's why people search it out. Sex for no reason other than sex. Kind of a man's dream. Although, I work in a hospital and from time to time we get Amish folk that have been badly injuried and need serious medical attention and the majority, I'd say 80-90 percent of Amish women, are fairly unattractive. They do not wash on a consistent basis and you can smell the from across the room. They do not shave their legs or armpits, and it's said that you have to have sex with them while the Amish males watch you perform... So, it's not as cut and dry as coming over and sleeping with a beautiful woman. Hope that helps.

  2. That sounds like a myth to me. It doesn't make sense that one of the most conservative communities in America would invite strangers to have sex with their women out of wedlock.

    So you say most Amish women don't look like Kelly McGillis did in "Witness"? :)