Sunday, May 13, 2007

Six Feet Under and Brothers and Sisters

Last week I watched the entire final season of Six Feet Under, and days later I started watching the first 20 episodes of Brothers & Sisters. Maybe because of the proximity, I found a lot of similarities between these two shows, other than the obvious fact that both star the excellent Rachel Griffiths. Take a look below. Did I miss anything?

There's one major difference between the shows. Six Feet Under was a great show - real quality television. Brothers & Sisters is a fun show to watch, but quality TV it ain't.

Beware of SPOILERS!!!

Brothers & Sisters

Six Feet Under

William has heart attack and falls into pool

Nathaniel Sr. dies in accident

Father dies in pilot episode, leaving grieving widow

William and Holly

Ruth and Hiram

Parent's infidelity revealed after death

Kitty returns from NY

Nate returns from Seattle

A child returns home to LA

Ojai Foods

Fisher & Sons Mortuary

Family business

Kevin Walker

David Fisher

Gay repressed brother

Tommy asks Kevin for his sperm. Kevin refuses at first, but then both he and Justin donate sperm.

David asks Claire for her egg, so he and Keith can have a child. She refuses.

Asking a sibling for help conceiving (gay brother either asker or donor)

Julia Walker goes into labor 29 weeks into pregnancy

Brenda goes into labor two months early

Premature birth

Joe kisses Sarah's half sister Rebecca.

Nate cheats on Brenda with his step sister Maggie.

Rachel Griffiths' character has marital problems. Sisterly infidelity involved.

Husband Joe Whedon

Boyfriend Joe (Season 4)

Rachel Griffiths' character has significant other named Joe

Sarah is Joe's son Gabriel's step mother

Brenda is Nate's daughter Maya's step mother.

Her character is also a step-mother

Isn't it fun to waste time on totally unimportant things once in a while?

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