Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weirdest Search Term: Sperm Donation to Amish

Once in a while, I take a look at my blog's stats. I see how many people visited, which pages they read, where they are from and how they found my blog. One of the things I can check is the search terms used to find it. A few days ago someone googled the term "how to donate sperm to amish" and somehow reached my site, the blessed result of mixing terms from unrelated posts.

Why the hell would the Amish want sperm donations from outsiders? I doubt that any procedure that brings about the birth of a child whose biological mother is not married to his biological father would be consistent with their religious doctrine.

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  1. If you read some of the articles around the internet you can see that Amish are small tribes of people that live sectioned off from the rest of the world. They are looking for sperm donations (in the old fashioned way) to randomize their gene pool. This seems paradoxical in the fact that they pull their children out of school at the age of 8, but they do not want stupid children that are caused by incest. lol