Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dana has a new boyfriend. I'm very disappointed. Maybe if I would have had guts last week or even before that, it wouldn't have been too late. Then again, it could be that she never thought of me as boyfriend material anyway so it would have just been awkward. Who knows.

Anyway, time to look for someone else. Maybe the fact that I'm actively looking for someone but without going out much prevents me from actually finding a girlfriend. The only girl who seems interested in me is not too bright, doesn't look good and smokes. I'm not deperate enough to go out with her, since that won't just be a compromise on some little issues - that's totally giving up on finding someone who has anything I look for in a girl, who is worth anything, someone at least on my level. I'm a great guy, dammit! Maybe a bit geeky, but still a great guy!

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