Thursday, March 18, 2004


I'm happy with myself about how I handled a certain situation this week. There's this paper that has to be done by teams of two people each (as opposed to individually or in threes). One guy, Dan, who I know but isn't really a friend of mine, asked me to do it with him and I said yes, though I wasn't certain how reliable he is. So I kept thinking about it, and decided to check with Dana if she found a partner yet and ask if she wants to do the paper with me. She said yes, and I called Dan to say I'm doing it with someone else.

I upgraded. I added one letter to the name of my partner (good thing the alias I picked for Dana when I first wrote about her fits in with this story, because the two really do have similar names in reality), and I trust her much more than I trust Dan. Besides, it's a good way to see her more often. I'm not expecting another upgrade, this time of the relationship, so I won't get disappointed. But if something does happen, I'll be happy.

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