Sunday, March 14, 2004

Sometimes I'm very amused by the related searches suggested in the google ad above. Usually it really has something to do with what my blog is about (the middle east, for example). But sometimes, it has something that I mentioned once, and no matter how small a part it has in my posts, when it's up in the banner, one could think my blog is primarily about that.

For instance, last time I came in, the link was to some baby product store, and the related searches were "sister" and "congratulations". Someone might think that I keep talking about babies, my sisters and hallmark greeting cards or something. My ego will get a boost if one of these days the banner will have related searches: "sexy bloggers" and "genius Israelis".

On a more solemn note - the terrorist attack in Madrid last Thursday was a horror that I believe will occur again around Europe and any place the radical Islamists see as full of infidels. I miss the days when international organizations bent on destruction were just the figment of scriptwriters' imagination.

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