Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I was right when I said the semester can only get better. Now it turns out I didn't fail the course that I though I had failed. Turns out I got a 91! Yesterday, I got a message saying my grade is 800, which is the code for someone who didn't take the test, but I thought it is the code for a failing grade. The 800 was about the first test (called in Hebrew Moed A), which indeed I did not take. I attended the "second chance" test (Moed B), and today I discovered that I got a 91 in the test and as a final grade in the course. I'm still worried about the last test I took. I hope I passed it.

My nephew started going to a regular kindergarten this week, two hours a day with one of the people from the special kindergarten staying with him. He's doing much better that we've ever expected. He's almost like the other children, and he's even having a great time. The first day he was there he didn't even want to leave.

Lord of the Rings won 11 Oscars. Will John Kerry win 10 primaries today?

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