Friday, October 16, 2009

The Origins of Stupidity

After the jump is a YouTube video in response to a video starring Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains fame. Cameron's video was an ad for a special edition of The Origins of Species with a 50-page anti-evolution introduction.

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  1. Oh dear, Kirk Cameron, these people don't give up, do they? 'Lying snake'? Lying scumbag more like... 'Hitler blahdiblah', 'transitional life forms blahdibla', 'blahdiblah blahdiblah'...

    Still, these 'Kulturekampfen' cannot be won. Never quite understood why someone like Dawkins wanted to waste so much time on these numpties... Cameron doesn't really give a shit about 'Evilution'... or 'Cretinism': it's all about defending a dying way of life; Staunch American Conservatism with knobs on...