Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Committe Wrong, Obama Right

Yesterday, I wrote here that President Barack Obama should not have won the Nobel Peace Prize. I still think so, but I liked Obama's speech reacting to the award. He said himself that he did not feel deserving, since he has not yet achieved enough. He seemed genuinely uncomfortable. He was right to say that he would accept the prize for those who believe in a world of dialogue. He was also right that this is meant to encourage him to continue with his international policies, rather than to acknowledge his work till now.

So, Obama should not have been chosen by the Nobel Committee, but I don't hold it against him. I hold it against the committee.


  1. Hitchens said somewhere that it was like 'giving someone an Oscar in the hope that he'll sometime make a decent motion picture'.

    Let's hope Obama does...

    Norway's a nice country but it's not exactly the epicentre of the world.

  2. There was an analogy in Haaretz that I liked: someone wrote it's like giving a Nobel Prize in one of the science categories for a research proposal.