Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's All Israel's Fault

Ann El-Khoury of People's Geography (I'm not linking to it, find it yourself) wrote a post a few days ago about her father's sunflowers wilting exactly in time for Israel's operation in Gaza. She quickly removed it. Maybe she realized how ridiculous the post was. It was like a parody of Arabs, and anti-Zionists in general, who blame Israel for everything. Is the weather bad? It's the Israelis. Was there a traffic accident between two Arabs? The Israelis must have done something to the cars!

Yes, Ann, Israel killed your father's sunflowers. He should sue us in the Hague for crimes against vegetation.


  1. Yesterday Al Jazeera aired another installment of their excellent 'Witness' series. This one was about a Palestinian and his age old olive grove and how the IDF was cutting down these trees en masse, despite pleading from him, the mayor and his family that these trees were the livelihood of about 20 families. The cutters were protected by some IDF lads, still wet behind the ears but armed to the teeth.

    I'll see if I can find a clip of it.

    Perhaps you'll be able to ridicule that too, "as not all Israel's fault"?

  2. Of course, if the IDF cuts down an olive tree or allows settlers to do so, it is Israel's fault. What this posts ridicules is the instances where Israel is accused of being responsible for things that are clearly not its fault (like killing sunflowers in Australia).

    I have never said that nothing is Israel's fault. Far from it.

  3. I still think there are more important things to write about that this sunflower thingy. Why not dedicate some time to the upcoming elections. Make me understand why Bibi seems set to win, for example?

  4. Ain't blogging a beauty? Unlike newspapers where the most important things should come first, you can blog about anything you want. I write about what's on my mind at the moment, not what's most important.

    Actually, the question of why I haven't written about the elections is a worthy subject in and of itself. You can find the answer in my latest post. Thank you for giving me the idea.