Monday, January 28, 2008

Huckabee and Palestine

Mike Huckabee is a right-wing nut who wouldn't only be disastrous for the United States, he'd be a disaster for Israel, too. Shmuel Rosner wrote an article last week about the reason American Jews are afraid of the former Arkansas governor, but one paragraph showed why the radical "Greater Israel" right wing fringe should love him:

Huckabee reportedly said he supported the establishment of a Palestinian state, as long as it was formed outside of Israel. He meant outside of Biblical Israel and suggested Egypt or Saudi Arabia as possible locations.
Yikes. Is Huckabee trying to make George W. Bush look good?


  1. I would absolutely love for that kind of President to be elected: someone who isn't afraid of voicing his/her resent of Palestinian terrorists and Palestinians in general. But McCain is the better choice as far as the GOP is concerned. He'll get more votes in the presidential race. Nice site! This here "right wing" nut is linking to ya!

  2. So I guess you voted for McCain in Tuesday's primary in Illinois?

    Thanks for linking to me. Nice to know I'm not just an opposing view, but a refreshing one :)

    I'll link to you too.

  3. Manu: thanks, bro! Actually, to my embarassment I failed to get out and vote (I'll only admit to it here so you can have the priviledge of getting blaming me for being so politically innactive first;)

    If I had voted I would have voted for McCain though. Now it's unto the presidential vote and voting Rebublican in Illinois is like wasting a vote. This is a predominantly democratic state and this will not change barring some kind of miracle. But I will try to dig out of the snow on election day.

    I never link to sites I dislike--hence the name. If you were in complete opposition to my views I probably wouldn't link to you. But if there is something about you or your blog which I like (which happens to be the case) I'm glad to link to you.