Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Exit Polls: Pensioners' Party Wins Big, Likud Crashes

Four exit polls from Israel's three main channels and Ynet are indicating a big surprise: Gill, the pension party that seemed to be hovering around the 2% threshold, got 6-8 seats. Now it's a mid-sized party, stronger than the well established Meretz. That's amazing. It seems to me that it's a form of protest vote.

Also: Likud is down to fourth place, below Avigdor Lieberman's Israel Our Home, and possibly maybe even fifth place, after Shas. Now Likud is almost a marginal party, Netanyahu is probably about to lose his leadership post, and Lieberman will become the new leader of the right wing.

I'm not surprised by numbers Labor and Kadima got in the exit poll. It's more or less what I expected. It's a bit of a disappointment for Kadima, but Labor is probably more or less content.

The most important thing is that the right wing cannot block a center-left government.

Meretz got 5 seats according to all exit polls. That means Zvia Greenfeld is not in the Knesset. I hope the real results will get her into parliament.

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  1. I must admit that to see "Bibi" fall on his face really made my day. Rarely does one find an example of such a two-faced, flip-flopping hypocrite. Of conservatives one can usually say one thing that's positive: they tend to be quite steadfast. Not so in the case of Netanyahu, will this be the last we'll see of this twit?

  2. I think he'll try to stick around, but his party will probably kick him out soon enough.

    But if they don't give him the axe, and Kadima will have Labor and Shas in its coalition - Bibi will be the chairman of the official opposition. He'll never be PM again, but he might not be out of politics (or the media) just yet.

  3. Hmm, I expect you're quite right. After a little cooling off he'll probably be back in the saddle.

    Maybe he'll disgrace the opposition as well (lol)...