Saturday, December 13, 2003

Wow, it's been a month since I last posted. I'll make it up by posting a long entry this time:

It's been a busy week. I don't think I've written anything here about our university's student association being corrupt, and that a new one was created. Anyway, a few days ago the president of the university met with the heads of the new association and told them that if more than half the students join them, they'll become the official student association. So on Wednesday they started a campaign to sign up people - they set up stands in the university's entrances and in the Student Center. I volunteered to be in the stands twice - Thursday and Sunday. You know those irritating people that stand at all kinds of places and try to get passersby to sign up for something? Well, that was me two days ago, and will be me again tomorrow. We stood at an entrance from 2 PM to 4:30 and signed up about 300 people. That's quite a remarkable number considering the fact that at that hour on Thursdays people are hurrying to get home (since there are no classes on Fridays).

On Wednesday I was at a friend's birthday party (the same friend I said I'm interested in but I now don't think I have much of a chance with her). A day before the party she and her roommate went door to door in her building so people will know about the party and won't complain about the noise. Half an hour before the guests were supposed to arrive, two of her neighbors, an 80-year old Russian couple, showed up with a cake and 100 shekels as a present. They had misunderstood and thought that they were invited to the party. They don't speak any Hebrew. Lucky for the birthday girl, another friend of ours was there to help her set things up and she knows Russian, so she talked to them. But they felt awkward - they didn't want to insult them and tell them to leave. The Russians ended up staying an hour. When I arrived I thought they were my friend's grandparents or something, though I found it odd that they were there.

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