Wednesday, August 20, 2003

It's pretty much official. I haven't heard anything from Naomi, and not for lack of trying. I assume our trip is off. I was a bit upset that I wasn't going to Italy, but then my sister offered that I come with her and our American friend (the one I went to the movies with) to Europe. We finally decided on a location after changing plans and cities a million times. We're going to Milane. So it turns out I'm going to Italy anyway.

Two terrible terrorist attacks today in the middle east, about 20 dead in each - the UN headquarters in Baghdad and a bus in Jerusalem. I don't know what the Israeli government is going to do. The Hudna is a sham. A cease-fire without the Palestinian authority fighting terror is nothing more than a temporary break in the fighting, not more. My first reaction after something like this is always to think the army should go in and blast the terrorists to hell, but it isn't that easy. I think we should respond, but in some kind of measured way.

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