Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Extremes, Calm the Fuck Down!

A mind-boggling hysteria has taken over Israel, esepcially its extreme left and extreme right. These two opposites feed on each other like symbiotic parasites. The nationalists fear the left's activities, and so they pass laws against boycotts and commemorating the Nakba, which, in turn, only makes people more aware of boycotts and the Nakba. The far left, fearful of these new laws, starts screaming hysterically and prematurely about the end of Israeli democracy, making the fascists seem even stronger than they really are.

Both sides need to understand that their tactics are counterproductive. They need to act more level-headedly. Of course, it's ridiculous to say this to the extremists. After all, if they listen, they'd become moderates.

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