Thursday, March 03, 2011

Autism Doc on Israeli TV

"This Is My Child", a documentary about five families with autistic children, aired last night on Channel 2. Aviv Horowitz, whose son has autism, made the film after the drama series "Yellow Peppers" got good ratings, and decided to take advantage of the momentum to spread awareness of the subject. He seems to have been successful. The ratings were excellent - 21.6%, which is quite high for the 11 PM time slot. The movie itself was also very good.

The children in the film range from classic low-functioning autism, to high-functioning PDD-NOS. The kid who seems to be functioning best was even seen singing with Aviv Geffen, one of Israel's best known singers, and he explained that most kids have a book in their heads that tells them how to make friends and interact socially, and kids like himself also have that book, but it's closed. I found that to be an apt description.

The mother with the lowest functioning child expressed anger at the PDD's, as if they won something. I can understand her. I guess I'd be envious of those kids if my own nephew was like her son.

Good doc. I hear more articles on the subject are upcoming in the media. I'm glad. The more awareness to the subject, the better services will be available for autistics. Maybe.

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