Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama Just Earned His Nobel

Although I voted for Barack Obama, I wasn't too crazy about him. I thought he wasn't prepared to lead the United States. When he won his Nobel Prize for peace, I thought it was ridiculous, and still think he shouldn't have won in 2009. Obama has proved me wrong about his preparedness for the job, at least when it comes to domestic issues. What he has done with his health insurance reform is huge. That alone now makes him worthy, in my opinion, of a peace prize. He may not have resolved international conflicts, but  his actions will bring about an improvement in the health of millions of Americans and will prevent the deaths of countless people who currently can't afford care for their curable diseases. This will save no less lives than bringing an end to a bloody war.


  1. I'm not sure he deserved the Nobel for passing a heavily watered down version of the health care plan but the win is likely to invigorate the administration, perhaps also on the I/P issue. Are Bibi's days numbered? He's done, what, about 2 years now (feels like a decade to me)? That's a long time in coalition politics anyway...

  2. Netanyahu has been in office for just one year, though it seems like a decade to me too. Unfortunately, I don't see him losing his seat any time soon. The coalition stinks, but looks quite stable for now.