Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blame Israel for the Weather

The Middle East has seen record rainfall in the last few days. Israel and its immediate neighbors have gotten the brunt of it. First, there was flooding in southern Israel, which killed one Israeli whose hobby was "flood watching". Sorry if I'm insensitive, but the guy deserves a Darwin Award. Now today, the flooding has migrated to Northern Israel. Here's a sample picture from the City of Nahariyah:

More pictures are available at Haaretz's website.

Gaza has experienced severe flooding as well. 400 Palestinians have lost their homes. Farm animals have been swept away. At least nobody was killed. This is a perfect opportunity to blame Israel. The Palestinians claim Israel opened a dam (or several dams, depending on which report you read) which made the floods even worse. One report said the dam opened was one deep inside Gaza, where Israeli troops aren't even stationed. Another report said the dam was on the border. Israel denies opening any dams. has an entertaining response to the damn dam accusation.

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