Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy Orly Taitz

Moldovan-Israeli-American Orly Taitz, Commander-in-chief of the lunatic birther squad, made the rounds on American TV stations last month. Now it's Israel's turn. About a week or two ago she was interviewed on Channel 10 News, where she said Benjamin Netanyahu was now her Facebook friend (umm, Orly, I hate to say it, but it certainly ain't really Bibi, and you're an idiot for thinking that it is). The next day she appeared on another Channel 10 show, "London and Kirshenbaum", where she was interviewed by veteran journalists Yaron London and Moti Kirshenbaum, who subtly mocked her. Taitz seemed pleased, as if she thought she had convinced the duo.

Last night, Taitz appeared on Channel 2's "Mo'adon Layla" ("Night Club"), a comedy panel show. She was first asked a few questions and traded barbs with the comedians. This was the part where she not only compared Obama to Hitler, but said Obama was worse, which prompted panelist Ido Rosenblum to jump up from his chair and ask to "turn this thing off", meaning Taitz's satellite feed. She kind of seemed to storm off, though it wasn't entirely clear if she didn't just think her segment was over. After the interview, the comedians joked about her insanity.

Here's the clip, which, by the way, appears on the show's website under the title "Mo'adon Layla Supports Obama". It's in Hebrew without an English translation. Sorry about that:


  1. "[...] Commander-in-chief of the lunatic birther squad, [...]"

    What's the 'birther squad'?

    Obama worse than Hitler? Dear G-d, the loons are out in full force...

  2. "The birthers" is the nickname given to those who claim Obama isn't eligible to be president because they believe he was born in Kenya. They keep demanding to see the original Hawaii birth certificate - hence the term "birthers".

  3. Ahh, yes, it's all coming back to me now. Temporary brain block...

    A 'Kenyan-born Black Muslim', that must sound like Evil Incarnated to people like that. We have Mad Mel Phlips for jobs like that...