Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Shoe Flies Both Ways

President Mahmoud Ahmedinijad of Iran was on the recieving end of a shoe throwing incident this week. The perpetrator has not been caught. It's nice to see that not only the representatives of Big Satan (then-President George W. Bush) and Little Satan (the Israeli ambassador to Sweden) are getting the footwear treatment. The representatives of the Axis of Evil are getting their share as well.

I wonder if there will be a new kind of shoe now. Like there are shoes made especially for running, walking, playing basketball or going to a fancy restaurant, maybe there will be special "throwing shoes". They'll be aerodynamic, with a special hissing sound and hidden camera which automatically uploads a YouTube video of the official getting shoed.


  1. LOL!
    I heard about this a few days ago. It made my day! When he was praising the heck out of that Iraqi journalist, I betchya he didn't think it would happen to him! Or that he might have opponents who feel about him the way many in Iraq feel about Bush.

    If I could, I would sentence Ahmadinejad, Bush and Bibi to torture by shoe throwing. Pumps, stilettos, running shoes, doc martins, the works ......

  2. Remotely controlled shoe-flyware. That should fly (as an idea)...