Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Labor Primaries Postponed Mid-Voting

I waited two hours today at my polling place to vote in the Labor Party's primary election. The voting system crashed and so we had to wait for it to come back up again. Once in a while it came back up, two or three people managed to vote and then the system crashed again. The poll workers said there were problems all over Israel and that the company running the system had only two tech support guys for the whole country. It was ridiculous. In the end I didn't vote at all.

Turns out that the party has decided to stop today's elections and postpone them to December 10. This was the Labor Party's first attempt at electronic voting, and during the re-vote they'll go back to the old system of paper ballots. I think they should have had paper ballots available today as backup in case the system fails.


  1. Well, we've got one covered - one down, two to go.

    Obama was elected in America. My hopes are that with the election of more civilized, moderate leaders in both Iran and Israel ... Something positive will come out of this in the next four years.

  2. Unfortunately, the way things look right now in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu is probably going to be the next prime minister. We still have three months to go, so hopefully things will change.

  3. That's just great!
    These things work in cycles it seems to me ... Netanyahu in Israel and Ahmadinejad in Iran and this should be another really fun four years.