Thursday, November 27, 2008

Olmert Has To Go

Israeli Attorney General Menny Mazuz announced yesterday that he will indict Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, pending a hearing. Olmert is suspected of billing several charitable foundations as well as the state for the same flights, and using the surplus for his family's personal travels.

Olmert resigned a few weeks ago, but is still officially the prime minister until the next government is formed. He should declare himself unable to carry out his duties and allow his deputy, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, to become Acting Prime Minister.

Instead of doing the right thing, Olmert (or, as the media calls it, "people close to Olmert") blasted the attorney general for not waiting until he becomes a former PM. I don't think Mazuz should have waited. Once he has enough evidence for an indictment, he should indict Olmert, just like any other suspect.


  1. Question:

    Do you think Olmert is guilty of these charges or is there an element of political chicanery involved (on the part of opposition leaders)?

  2. It is clear to me and to most Israelis that Ehud Olmert is one of the most corrupt politicians Israel has ever had. He's involved in too many corruption scandals for all of them to be bogus.

    In Israel, the attorney general is not a political appointee but rather an independent, professional attorney. He's chosen by a non-partisan commission. AG Menny Mazuz is no political hack. He wouldn't indict Olmert without serious evidence.