Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Live Prisoners For Dead Soldiers

A deal seems to have been reached between Israel and Hezbollah. In exchange for the two Israeli soldiers abducted by the terrorist group in 2006, Israel will release six Lebanese prisoners, including Samir Kuntar, who murdered 4 Israelis, including a man and his 4 year-old daughter, in 1979. If one or two soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, are alive, than it is a great deal, considering the fact that a few years ago we released 450 prisoners for 3 dead soldiers and one living drug dealer, and right now Hamas is demanding thousands of Palestinian prisoners for Gilad Shalit, the soldier who is being held captive in Gaza.

If both Goldwasser and Regev are dead, as is most likely, this deal should not go through. In exchange for the dead bodies of Israeli soldiers we should only release dead bodies of Lebanese who either died during fighting with Israel or while in Israeli prisons. Living prisoners, especially those who may pose a threat to Israelis in the future, should only be released in exchange for living soldiers.

We should not release Samir Kuntar just so the soldiers' families can have emotional closure.


  1. "peaceful Middle East" ...

    an intriguing oxymoron ...

    I like what you're doing here. I've added you to my blogroll to hopefully check more often!

    I agree with you: living for the living, dead for the dead.

    We will probably be doing that until there is no "living" in the entirety of the region ... Then, it won't matter so much, huh?

  2. Thanks, I'll add you to mine, too.

    Sorry if this sounds ignorant: can't you get in trouble with the government for adding an Israeli to your blogroll?

    We'll definitely reach peace before we run out of living people. It might be a while, though.

  3. No! At least not that I have heard.

    We'll definitely reach peace before we run out of living people.

    I certainly hope so!