Sunday, October 21, 2007 Questions I Won't Ask

These are some questions I thought of posting on, but then came to the conclusion they aren't important or original enough:

1. Every president since Jimmy Carter has thanked his predecessor in his inaugural address. Will you thank President Bush during your inauguration? Why does he deserve or not deserve the nation's gratitude?

At first I thought this might be a tricky question for candidates from both parties under the guise of a trivial question. Then I realized that it is just a trivial question. Candidates would either say Bush is a good man even if he made mistakes, or that they'd thank him only out of common courtesy.

2. Would you elevate the EPA to the status of a full cabinet department under a Secretary of Environmental Protection?

I tried to think of an original "green question", but what I came up with is too technical.

3. As an American in Israel I live in what is probably the only country that still likes the United States. Americans living abroad in other countries can feel the rising contempt toward us. How would you change that?

Questions about America's standing in the world have been already asked in the debates.

4. How do you see the Middle East is the year 2020 and how would you make that vision a reality?

This is the closest to a good question I've come up with so far, but it is too broad. Besides, I'd get the same response from every candidate - two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side, and a more stable, democratic Arab world, blah blah. The idea of how to achieve that wouldn't be much more original either.

Anyway, check out my next post where I'll show you what my favorite questions are so far.

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