Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Judeophobe Watch

Take a look at this new blog from Beacon Eating Atheist Jew, which "gives normal human beings a chance to debunk, refute, chastise, and debate anti-semitic postings from various Judeophobic web sites".

Great idea, BEAJ!


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  2. Hi Emmanuel,

    I’m traveling abroad with little time to blog and no decent internet connection.

    I must admit your critique deserves a decent rebuttal for which I unfortunately have no time…

    In a nutshell:

    1) I despise “Semitism” be it anti (think Dave Duke or Osama Bin Laden) or philo (think George W. Bush or Billy Graham- tellingly the latter is a former rabidly anti-Semitic preacher turned propagandist for rightwing Israeli irredentism…all in the name of “God’s will”!).

    2) I believe in the humanistic values of pre-Calvinist Renaissance Europe- think Erasmus, Shakespeare, More: I think all men and women are born equal whatever their creed or color

    3) Point N°2 is precisely the reason why I hate the racist ideologies one finds in the Talmud, the treatises of Islamist thugs such as Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah or 19th century German nationalism

    4) I have the right to criticize Israel and/or the Neocon

    5) I believe in freedom of speech: I actually believe this is our most sacred freedom

    6) Linking to specific parts of a single article in some obscure blog doesn’t mean I endorse its writers editorial line: in fact, I don’t.



  3. Baldy with the flea bitten dog is not a jew, but the son of an Arab and Bedouin Gypsy Lebanese as documented on the atheist jew slug blog.