Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Shrek 2 and the Hebrew Bob Barker Treatment

Rachel is in Israel now (or at least, is supposed to be but is somewhere else for a few days, which I'm not supposed to know about. Long story). She spent the weekend with us and among other things, we also went to watch Shrek 2 with her. Shrek 2 is great (or like the show that made Jennifer Saunders (the Fairy Godmother) famous - absolutely fabulous). I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed the first one.

A few days ago controversy erupted here in Israel over the Hebrew dubbing of the movie. The line where donkey says about Puss-in-Boots "let's neuter him, give him the Bob Barker treatment" was translated into "Lets give him the David D'Or treatment". D'Or, an Israeli singer with a feminine singing voice, took offense and demanded that the dubbing be changed. After he threatened to sue, the Israeli distributors of the film agreed to re-dub it. Now it just says something like "Let's neuter the cat". Too bad D'Or had to wreck the joke. The odd thing is that he has been known to joke about his own voice several times, including in a cell-phone commercial. Maybe he only plays along with it when he gets paid (and frankly, I can understand him if that's the case). I watched the English version and didn't understand the Barker joke until I checked the internet and saw he's an advocate of pet population control via neutering.

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